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Consider Online Backup


If you are a small business that is not using an online backup service, you should consider it – for any and all PCs and laptops where you store data that you wouldn’t want to lose.  There are several advantages to using an online backup service over storing data on local drives or CDs:

Offsite storage.  Your backup data and your original data shouldn’t be located in the same place, so that if something should happen to one (such as fire, theft, or electrical surges) your data will be safe in the other.  Some people are more comfortable having their backup data in their personal possession rather than with an unseen third party.  However, with sophisticated encryption and redundant data centers, the fact is that today’s popular online backup services provide more protection and security than most small businesses can provide for themselves. (more…)

Get a New Computer for $50


Is your pc or laptop starting to slow you down?  Do you find yourself going to get a cup of coffee while waiting for an application to start or webpage to load?  Before tossing it out and buying a new one, you may want to consider an inexpensive upgrade that could make it like new.  Of course, the first step is to clean it up:  remove unused programs, delete temporary files, and check for spyware and viruses.  If you still have time to make a sandwich after every mouse-click, your problem could simply be memory.  You can quickly exhaust your available memory when you are running multiple applications at once.  And even if most of your time is spent in a web browser (as it is for many these days), websites use much more memory today.  Web pages are usually not just simple text and graphics, but full-blown applications. (more…)

Laptops Travel Safer While Sleeping


Most people know that using the Standby or Hibernate feature on their laptop will extend the life of their batteries by conserving power during downtime, but many do not realize that these features will also protect their hard drive.  Recently, my wife’s laptop crashed.  Although it initially looked like a Windows problem, after several attempts to fix and restore the system it became clear that a portion of the hard drive was damaged and no longer accessible.  Although the hard drive could no longer be used, most (though not all) of the her data could be retrieved.  Fortunately, I had set up an online backup system for her laptop so she had a recent copy of her data.  But what caused her hard drive failure?  Her laptop was over 3 years old, so normal wear and tear was a possibility.  However, after some mild interrogation about her laptop use, I learned that she normally transports her laptop while powered on and doesn’t use the Standby or Hibernate features. (more…)

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