How to Add Your Boss, Parents as Facebook Friends


Many users of Facebook, after rushing to fill their list of friends, have inadvertently found their previously distinct worlds of family, friends, and work suddenly colliding.  Sometimes with serious consequences.  When you are connected to hundreds (sometimes thousands?) of people on the social network, it can be easy to forget who can see your boastful tales of ditching work or the photos of your late night escapades.

As a result, some people are becoming more cautious about who they “friend” on Facebook, particularly when it comes to authority figures like parents or a boss.  Fortunately, there is an easy way to add “Facebook Friends” with whom you’d rather not share everything.

First, should we consider perhaps that this increased level of visibility, that comes with a more social internet, gives us a reason to examine our words and deeds more carefully?  If there are things we wouldn’t want certain people know we’ve said or done, is it possible that those are things we shouldn’t say or do in the first place?  Nah.  Let’s just find a way around it.  Here is a way to keep select people from seeing more than what you want them to see. (more…)

4 Easy Steps To Promote Your Business On Facebook


Most businesses and professionals have gotten the message that Facebook can be a powerful channel to promote their products and services, engage with customers, and strengthen their brand.
Given its community of over 400 million users and climbing, it’s no wonder why most major businesses and brands now have a presence on Facebook.

However, many self-marketers are a little uncertain about how to begin. Here are some practical, first steps to help you get started promoting your business on Facebook. See the rest of my article at MakeUseOf.com:  (Read more)

How To Avoid Internet Charges for Your Mobile Phone


There has been a recent surge in price competition among wireless carriers, which is good news for consumers in terms of their cell phone minute plans.  However, pricing for mobile web access persists at $25 or $30 per month for “smart phones” and $10 or $15 per month for standard “phone-first” handsets.  For standard handsets, you have no other option if you wish to access the internet on your phone, unless you are only an infrequent user (in which case, you can buy your internet bandwidth by the kilobyte from those carriers that offer the option, such as AT&T).  But with more and more phones falling into the PDA/smartphone category, an increasing number of buyers are feeling that they have no choice but to tack on the costly unlimited internet package to their plan – and the carriers like it that way.

But you may have a choice after all.   (more…)

Manage Your Internet Reading List


As a follow-up to my article “Tools to Organize Your Digital Life“, I wanted to share a tip on how to create a reading list to manage all those web items that catch your eye but you can’t read immediately (like maybe this article?).  As we are tweeted and buzzed from our growing social networks, we stumbleupon many articles or links that we think we might digg.  However, we often don’t have the time, nor is it usually productive, to read them at the moment we happen to find them.  So, how can you remember to revisit these links later … without leaving a lot of tabs open that will clutter and slow down your web browser?  You don’t simply want to save them along with your other bookmarks.  You’ll likely just forget about them, and you don’t even know yet if they are items you want to keep. (more…)

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