If you are a small business that is not using an online backup service, you should consider it – for any and all PCs and laptops where you store data that you wouldn’t want to lose.  There are several advantages to using an online backup service over storing data on local drives or CDs:

Offsite storage.  Your backup data and your original data shouldn’t be located in the same place, so that if something should happen to one (such as fire, theft, or electrical surges) your data will be safe in the other.  Some people are more comfortable having their backup data in their personal possession rather than with an unseen third party.  However, with sophisticated encryption and redundant data centers, the fact is that today’s popular online backup services provide more protection and security than most small businesses can provide for themselves.

Continuous backup.  For many that do manual backups on external drives and disks, they typically do no more than one backup per day for most of their computers … and even less for the mobile ones.  For some businesses, even losing one day of data can be a huge headache.  Online backup systems can be set to continuously backup your data through your internet connection, no matter where you happen to be … no cables, cards, or drives needed.

Automatic.  If backing up your data is a regular item on your “to-do” list that sometimes gets done and sometimes doesn’t, an online backup service will remove that chore from your list.  The best providers offer easy-to-use software that lets you “set it and forget it”.  You can have your backups scheduled at certain times, occur during periods of inactivity, and even continuously as you work.  As long as you’re connected to the internet, which most of us are these days, than you will be covered.

Access from anywhere.  Online backup also means you can access your data easily at any time from any computer.  Even if you didn’t suffer a catastrophic event, but simply deleted or overwrote a file by mistake, you can quickly retrieve those files you wish to recover wherever you happen to be.

Two popular and trusted backup services to consider are www.mozy.com (which I use) and www.carbonite.com.  If it makes you feel better to have your backup data in your hands, then do both:  set up your continuous online backup and also create a hard-copy backup for yourself as frequently as you like on a flash drive, external hard drive, or CD/DVDs.

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