Do you have more than one Gmail account that you access regularly?  Perhaps you have one account for personal use, one for your business, and another for your Lindsay Lohan fan club?  In the past, if you wanted to check multiple Gmail accounts, you needed to log out of one account and then log into another.  Or you could have used more than one web browser at the same time (Firefox and Internet Explorer for example) and logged into a different Google account in each one.

Well, now Google has provided a better way.  It is called their “Multiple Sign-In” feature and, just like it sounds, it allows you to be logged in to more than one Google account simultaneously in the same browser. It works for a select number of Google products including Gmail, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Reader, and a few others.  To use this feature, you will need activate it in your account settings page for your primary Google Account:

Google wants to make sure you understand there are some limitations (including the disabling of offline modes for Gmail and Google Calendar), so it will first ask you acknowledge some details about how the feature works before it will activate it.  Once you do this, a drop down menu will appear in the top right corner that will allow you to associate additional Google accounts and switch between them:

By using separate tabs or windows in your browser, you can have these different accounts visible simultaneously.  And since each account uses a unique URL (i.e.,, etc.), you can create bookmarks for 1-click access to each of your accounts. Note that the feature is not currently available for Google Apps accounts, however you already have the ability to be logged into a Google Apps account at the same time as a standard Google account.

How many Gmail accounts do you manage?

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