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Link Multiple Gmail Accounts


Do you have more than one Gmail account that you access regularly?  Perhaps you have one account for personal use, one for your business, and another for your Lindsay Lohan fan club?  In the past, if you wanted to check multiple Gmail accounts, you needed to log out of one account and then log into another.  Or you could have used more than one web browser at the same time (Firefox and Internet Explorer for example) and logged into a different Google account in each one.

Well, now Google has provided a better way.  It is called their “Multiple Sign-In” feature and, just like it sounds, it allows you to be logged in to more than one Google account simultaneously in the same browser. (more…)

Make Free Calls from Your PC with Gmail


Google has launched a new feature that allows you to make free calls from your PC using Gmail.  It’s built into their existing “Google Chat”, which recently added voice and video pc-to-pc calling.  Now it also includes a “Call Phone” link which opens a phone keypad window that you can use to make calls (plug-in download required).   You can simply dial a number, or choose from suggestions it finds in your address book as you type a number or name.  According to the announcement in their Gmail blog post, calls to the U.S. and Canada are “free for at least the rest of the year” and minimal rates to overseas.

What’s even better is that this feature will work with your Google Voice account if you have one (now available to the public). (more…)

Tools to Organize Your Digital Life


Everyday we find more and more online sources of news and information that we would like to connect with to stay informed. The challenge is keeping up with our favorite news columns, industry journals, and blogs as well as our friends, family, and colleagues … not to mention maybe a few celebrities, tv programs, and products.  While bookmarking sites like Yahoo! Bookmarks and Delicious make good reference tools, they don’t actively notify us of updates.  Most websites provide the option to sign up for updates and newsletters by email, but this can make your inbox more difficult to manage (and you still often have to visit the individual websites to see the full content).  If you are an email subscription junkie, you should use Filters to organize your mailbox.  In most mail applications, you can setup filters to automatically sort your incoming mail into folders based on email address, subject line, etc.  This keeps lower-priority emails out of your inbox, but easy to find.

Almost any person, place, or thing you may have an interest in following has a presence on Facebook and Twitter these days.  Many professional, educational, and industry organizations have pages or forums on LinkedIn.  There are also numerous other niche communities for specific interests including music, photos, and recipes.  While these sites enable you to connect to a large number of people and organizations, the downside of most of these networks is that you have to continually monitor your real-time information streams and filter through them to find the items of most interest to you, which can be time consuming. (more…)

Use Google Voice With New or Existing Number


Many people have been interested in using Google Voice, but didn’t want to have to switch to a new phone number.  Google now allows you to configure your account to work with your existing mobile number.  So, without having to give out a new phone number, you can easily begin using Google’s voice mail instead of your carrier’s voice mail system.  Why use Google’s voice mail?  Great features like unlimited online storage of voice messages, custom greetings by contact group or individual, and email alerts including transcriptions (though not perfect).  When you add your mobile number to Google Voice, you will have the option to configure it for use with the voice mail.  It will give you directions and the codes you will need to program your phone.  Don’t worry, it’s always reversible if you change your mind. You make only one sacrifice when not using your carrier’s voice mail system:  no voice message icon will appear on your phone notifying you of a new message.  If you don’t mind that, you’ll gain a lot of other great features. (more…)

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