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Windows 7: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade


There is lot of buzz about Microsoft’s latest operating system, and the consensus seems to be that this upgrade is more meaningful and more stable than the previous release of Windows Vista.  But rushing to upgrade before you’re prepared could leave you hanging.  In business, downtime can mean lost income, so before jumping in there are few things you’ll want to consider:

Your Hardware: You’ll need to verify that your current computer hardware will meet the requirements for Windows 7.  Any computers you have that are running Windows Vista will probably support Windows 7, but your older hardware running XP may need to be upgraded or replaced.  So, you’ll want to decide on the best timing to invest in either of these options if necessary.  Sure, lots of computer stores have been running specials coinciding with the launch, but as with most technology, pricing will only go down, not up. (more…)

Laptops Travel Safer While Sleeping


Most people know that using the Standby or Hibernate feature on their laptop will extend the life of their batteries by conserving power during downtime, but many do not realize that these features will also protect their hard drive.  Recently, my wife’s laptop crashed.  Although it initially looked like a Windows problem, after several attempts to fix and restore the system it became clear that a portion of the hard drive was damaged and no longer accessible.  Although the hard drive could no longer be used, most (though not all) of the her data could be retrieved.  Fortunately, I had set up an online backup system for her laptop so she had a recent copy of her data.  But what caused her hard drive failure?  Her laptop was over 3 years old, so normal wear and tear was a possibility.  However, after some mild interrogation about her laptop use, I learned that she normally transports her laptop while powered on and doesn’t use the Standby or Hibernate features. (more…)

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